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Good War Games is a team of oddities doing a thing that they love. The work is difficult but they wouldn’t have it any other way and they know that there are no shortcuts. To get to the place where they want to be, they understand that dues must be paid. While they began as mostly strangers, with some having only a passing knowledge of the others, the universe saw fit to bring them all together in the very same way it brings timeless heroes of myth and legend such as batman and superman together to have a big budget cage-match. While not nearly that cool in any way, the members came together anyway for their own odd reasons.

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Unreal Florida Community

Unreal Florida is a community of game developers and designers who work with Epic Game’s Unreal Engine to create games, interactive tech, and wonderful works of art. Our group is dedicated to teaching the community about the Unreal Engine and bringing together programmers, artists, designers, marketers, and business folk, in order to advance south Florida’s development scene.  Learn More!