Wasabi Horizon is a game centered around fierce and frenzied combat against several  nightmares worth of deadly enemies who are relentless in their pursuit of your tears .They work hard to protect the four uniquely designed fortress’ which wasabi must navigate on her quest to stop bad guys from doing bad guy stuff. Each dungeon also sports a tough-as-nails boss who is similarly after those sweet sweet tears and maybe a little extra. It’s a world rich with humor and fun characters who have their own problems and don’t mind telling you how dumb they think your whole quest is.

Our Story

When her mentor and friend is kidnapped, the young Spirit weapon master in training Wasabi begins her journey to hunt down those responsible through a dark and dangerous world she never knew was waiting right outside her door.  She must uncover one person’s plot to undo the very fabric of reality and steal away the essence of magic for themselves.

World of Wasabi

Explore a world replete with personality and charm. Wasabi Horizon features a cast of characters that border on the bizarre.  Behold the spectacle of the University of the Spectral Anvil, navigate the chaos of the The Fiery Fiery Furnace where things just sometimes explode and grapple with The Bone Zone, the ultra high end nightclub for the undead.

The Villains

Each area in Wasabi Horizon is home to a big bad boss that has taken over the land, locked themselves in a fortress packed to the brim with enemies and traps and the kind of puzzles that won’t keep you from having fun. It is up to you to take them down and interrogate them vigorously in order to get to the root of the ongoing chaos.

Spirit Arsenal

As a young Spirit Weapon master, Wasabi is able to wield the powerful armaments, granting her access to different abilities and a new ways to dispose of her foes. The  Four Spirit weapons will allow Wasabi to extend her combat options making for satisfying encounters filled with combos and quick decision making that dictate the pace of combat.

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