To Teach is to Learn

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Welcome to my weekly blog: Hallo World. Today I’d like to take a break from the usual technical talk and discuss something that has been on my mind for the last few weeks. Lately I’ve been contemplating what might be the best way to learn all there is to know about effectively programming  in C++, both on unreal and off unreal. I’ve started studying Data Structures and algorithms this semester and feeling more enlightened each class. I can say with confidence that the next Wasabi is going to play great (lets hope right! ) but I am still doubtful about retainment. Enter Alain, my co-programmer and smart guy extraordinaire. He has been subtly hinting that it might be a good idea for me to start teaching what I know about C++ and at first I was like “alright.. yeah” but just this week, three random people told me, verbatim “If you want to learn, teach. “ And so I think the answer is clear ( hopefully.)

Today I will be putting together a lesson plan for my team of two, as well as a lesson plan for anyone who wishes to learn. I hope to start writing small tutorials and will transition from paper and speech to video and instructions in the near future. I don’t expect to teach everyone something new, but I do hope that I can shed some light on topics and perhaps explain them in a way that may be easier to understand . I will try to take lessons I learn from working on Wasabi, as well as things I learn outside of class to make clear, concise, and concrete instructions for you all to follow (like an algorithm! call me Alecks Algorithm. )

With that being said. I want to leave you with a few questions.. Have you ever tried teaching a subject that is completely foreign to the person attempting to learn it? What kind of difficulties did you face? What are some of the things you learned from it?