AlfredRPGBannerStory in a game is all well and good, but sometimes that stuff can get complicated. I’m not talking about complicated in the way games like Kingdom Hearts make things nearly indecipherable, nah, i’m talking about complicated as in it can be pretty difficult/complex to figure out HOW exactly you’ll tell the story. There are a ton of different tricks and tools that don’t involve sitting the player in front of a wall of scrolling text hoping that the rousing music is going to carry them through every word. Players hate that and I hate that.  So that raises a question when we are in the planning stages of a project: how will we be tackling storytelling and have it be engaging? And so that’s the current stage we are at in terms of story.  We need to take I to account how the game is shaped so to speak and then see where it is we can blend in good narrative points that help to add to the gameplay or the world building.  We can do this with voice over reactions and asides and even by blending in story into the menus and tutorials in an enjoyable way. There’s a lot of room in a game to throw in story substance, but making it come together seamlessly is trickier, you need to have things very well detailed and organized.  You have to sneak the stuff in there in such a way that the player can’t imagine the game without it.  An obvious sort of sneaking since it’ll be all up in their faces, but the sort that they thank you for silently. I’ll be posting examples of the sort of stuff we will be implementing once we have more of that stuff nailed down so hang tight and check in every so often for some updates with substance. All the same the game will have a pretty cool and funny narrative weaved through it. The prototype we made had some very very rushed story chunks that were thrown in at the last minute but that’s going to change with the full thing. Its a complicated business but it makes several worlds of difference.