Ritual of the Night Global Game Jam 2016

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Play as priest Han Velsing as he slays evil in this platformer, shooter type game known as the Ritual of the Night. Throwing the holiest of crosses, he hopes to rid the town of dark temptations brought upon by the sexiest vampire clan. As they flock towards him with their deadly hip thrusting power, defeat seems inevitable. Can you resist the Ritual of the Night?

Ritual of the night is a really basic platformer/shooter game we created in just 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2016.  You play as Han Vellsing a German priest…from Germany. You’ll be  jumping from platform to platform trying to defeat some sexy little vampires by clicking in their direction and shooting holy crosses at the evil undead.

Our inspiration was drawn from the initial theme of the jam which was ritual. I guess the first things that come to mind are religion, sacrifice and death. (we are dark people)

Konami’s Castlevania instantly came to mind, the colors, the characters, the objective, so we knew that we wanted our villain to be of the undead nature, possibly a Dracula character, but we wanted not just 1 Dracula, a bunch of little Draculas!

We came up with our protagonist shortly after, the Priest Han Velsing. His name is a play off of Bram Stokers famous character, Abraham Van Helsing, from the 1896 Horror Novel Dracula, but just like most of our characters we had to exaggerate this priest guy, at least a little. We played around with the idea of making him a sort of ninja priest type character with his own brand of ninja stars, from this idea came his weapon. Instead of ninja stars, we made him throw around holy crosses, you know, to stay true to the priest’s Christian principles (we did it cause it looked cool).

When it came time to further develop our silly Dracula enemies. In the midst of all the shit talking we did during this game jam, our programmer Alex mentioned that it would be funny if these little vampires suddenly lunged at you. Left up to the interpretation of the team it wasn’t long before we settled on making them come at you with powerful hip thrusts and thus, these sexy undead creatures were born!

We would’ve love to have more time to put all this together, but that’s the fun of game jams. Learning your strengths and weaknesses while racing the clock!

For a better look into Ritual of the Night check out this short video! And thank you for supporting the Miami game development community!