Legit Talks- Episode Tres

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* Some Spoilers ahead, so careful**

Legit Talks is a segment where I like to discuss different games from different genres and generations. Today, I’m going to take it back 8 years to a game that was ahead of its time and release towards the end of its consoles life. One of my personal favorites, for sure in the top 3: Final Fantasy XII by Square-Enix. Square has had a long running reputation for making some of the greatest JRPGs in history. With innovative gameplay, gripping storylines, and massive immersion, their games have made their imprint in the gaming world, and most certainly have left their mark on my life. Final Fantasy was a game that was release just as the Playstation 3 was releasing, therefore may have gotten a bit overlooked but don’t let that deter you. This game is aged extremely well and it still able to compete with almost every game since then. This game was the best looking game on the Playstation 2 to date, really pushing the graphical limits of the system. In this article, we will discuss the designs that made this game unique, and what has caused it to survive the test of time for me.

Square-Enix has always been known to deliver astounding story lines in most of their games. To me, Final Fantasy XII has one of the most complex, intriguing, and overall badass stories of all time. A tale of betrayal, redemption, and adventure may seem a bit cliche, but do not be fooled. At every stage of the game, I was shocked and awed at how good FFXII and Square were able to pull me into the ff12-2world of the game, immersing me so deeply that I felt I was really part of that world, then drop
huge story bombs such as **spoiler alerts** Basche having a twin brother that framed him for the death of the king in the beginning of the game and turning out to be Judge Gabranth. Or how Balthier used to be one of the Judges.** and the list goes on. The world of Ivalice was engaging, diverse, and beautiful. The first time I walked into Rabanastre, I took some time to just take in the sight. I thought Zanarkand in FFX looked so great that they would never be able to top that, and clearly I was mistaken. To date, I feel FFXII has the be
st world in the FF line.

As with most FF games, FFXII is massive. Even after completing the main story line, all the extra activities may keep you in the game for well over 80 hours. One of the things introduced in this game was the new battle system. This game was the first FF game that I can remember to remove the random battles. This game has all their enemies out in the world and does not change screens when you enter battle. This helped keep the immersion of the player with the game fairly strong. Bold move by Square to change up the formula. One of the things that got the most backlash was their new battle system. While keeping some of its ff12-3traditional systems, the new battle system was designed to go with how the monsters were in the world and to keep you moving along. Early in the game, the battle system is pretty traditional, giving you an action time bar and you choosing your actions when the bar fills up. Later on in the game, you are introduced to the Gambit system. I was impressed by this system, which allowed you to program your characters to automate themselves by choosing certain logic gates to perform certain actions when presented with different situations. This system challenged me to try and make the optimal system, only limited by my thinking process and by how many gambit logic gates you have collected. I feel that the ones who criticized the system was the ones that didn’t fully understand it.

As with everything, there are some aspects of the game that I feel could have been done differently. This game has a wide variety of attacks, spells, and even summons you can use in battle. But after playing this game for as long as I have, I realized that the most efficient way to combat is usually using melee attacks on everyone and have them use powerful melee weapons such as the Zodiac Spear. Spells, although they looked incredible, were not needed and took mana to used, which you needed full mana to unleashed your devastating ultimate attacks. Same went for the summons. All the summons in this game looked incredible, and extremely well thought out concept wise, but they did not deliver on how feasible they were to use. Regarding this, I feel FFX had a great system in place to utilize your summons. Most of these problems I feel were due to the Job Class board used in the game. Since every character in your party used the same exact board, you could essentially make every class fill theFF12-1 exact same roll. This problem was remedied when the international version of the game was released and the zodiac job system with it. This system gave each character a unique job class, making each character development different. SOOOO thats pretty legit.

I feel this game with continue to withstand the test of time, and most likely be released as an HD version on the PSVita and maybe one of the other consoles. Being arguably one of the greatest PS2 games and one of the personal favorites.This game is extremely legit, and I suggest you to check it out if you haven’t yet.

Till next week, everyone!