I Played Some Games, You Guys


I’m going to make sure to keep myself at a solid level 2. I don’t quite feel I deserve a level up just yet. Anyway, just wanted to take some time and mention a few of the games I’ve been playing as of late. I’ve been in a bit of a gaming funk which means I just haven’t been in any mood to play pretty much anything. That changed all of a sudden when there was a storm going on outside and the internet connection here got knocked out. I looked around for something to do and after reading for a few hours I decided I’d give my steam library a look see and try something I haven’t played yet. And after convincing myself not to play a great many things I looked over Shovel Knight. Heard it was great and in fact played it a bit when those Yacht Club Games fellas were in town at the SuperCon where I got about a minute or two of hands on time with the game as well as speak with some of the people there who were particularly busy and I particularly anti-social.

Shovel Knight is a good goddamn time. Everything feels solid and looks great in that old school way its emulating so intently. Go play that shit its got all the charm of your favorite games from yesteryear (if you were from around those days) mixed with very modern design. While pretty much all of the game is really enjoyable my favorite would have to be the interactive dream sequences. Something about them really adds an extra layer to the story going on. You can build a game based solely on that sort of thing. Anyway, I had a fun time with that and hope to see more cool stuff from those guys/gals.

I’ve got to do an ALS ice bucket challenge thing in a few. the team is assembling at my place and we’re going to do all that cool stuff. I don’t really have money seeing as I’m a very broke writer so I can’t really donate but I can definitely pour some ice cold water over my head. Its really the least I can do and I should get out there and make myself look like a fool more often. Pretty sure it’s good for the soul or something like that. I’m sure one of us will post the video or pictures of it all so be sure to check that out if that’s a thing you’re into. Gotta remember to take my phone out of my pockets when I do it. See ya.