Global Game Jam 2016 Miami

The 2016 Global Game Jam has come and gone!

For us, this year’s Global Game Jam was better than ever. We didn’t go into it this year with any plans on making a game. We actually were going to use the Game Jam as an opportunity to put more time into our current project, but you know, one thing led to another and now we have a new little game, Ritual of the Night! Later in the week we’ll have a post dedicated to everything that went into making that little game.

All in all making the game was a total blast, but the best part of the whole event was getting to know the other game developers, sharing the experience, making friends and learning from everyone Involved.

We really need to thank the sponsors for this thing!

Thanks to City Desk for allowing us to use it’s amazing co-working space in beautiful Brickell (Downtown Miami)! We also want to thank the University of Miami’s Interactive Media program for investing in the growth and education of it’s local game developers. A BIG thank you to Big Duck Games and Mijikai Game Studio for supporting their fellow south Florida game developers! And a thank you from everyone on the team to the IGDA, Game Trep and Make Games Miami for organizing and hosting this event!

If you haven’t already, we urge you to check out all of our sponsors! They are really amazing organizations comprised of game devs, business people and over all creatives.

Speaking of creative, we would love to leave you with this link to check out all of the games created at the City Desk Global Game Jam this year. Please enjoy and we will see you at the next Jam!

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