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I’m drinking a Monster (energy hootch) and eating potato chips whose flavor seems like… just the worst thing you can be eating with an energy drink. I’m Alfred I don’t much look like that sprite in the banner, but such is the extent of my Photoshop editing skills. I work on writing stories and Photoshop junk for GWG mostly. I also handle a ton of other stuff that you kinda have no choice but to do yourself since this is an indie company and we don’t have heaps of money we can throw at problems and shit, this stuff ain’t easy. So, besides writing things I try and do everything that other people on the team can do better, because, like, I’ve got opinions, man! And much to the discontent of everyone else I’m a rampant dabbler which basically means I’m avoiding writing and other responsibilities because I’m a grown ass man. I like menus or better yet I like well designed menus in a game so UI design is another thing I’m trying out and practicing more and more so that’s probably cool.

Currently, I’m working on a few things, one of which is this site and with it the blog, but besides that there is Wasabi Horizon and a secret pitch I’m working on for our next game. See, at the end of the development cycle of our current project we all take some time and develop a pitch for the next game. We vote and then we get right to it. Everyone has their say creatively regardless of the project. I’ve got some waiting to do before I get cracking on Wasabi but the game is looking to be a whole lot nicer than what we had visually for the prototype. All in all I’ll be real busy real soon and that’s great because i’m excited to see progress being made as well as seeing my contribution to the game get implemented. There are still some details to work out on how exactly the story will be told in the game but we’ll come up with something and I’ll definitely let everyone know what that something is.

These posts are probably going to be about a bunch of stuff. I’ll throw in some pictures of whatever I’m reading, writing, and photoshopin’ to keep things interesting. If I get desperate I’ll just post pictures of cats or what I’m eating, you’re all into that stuff, right?  I’ve got a DnD game I gotta get to today so I’m going to keep this one relatively short. Make sure to get on the twitter and follow GWG and also me because I’m real deep and interesting.