Accents in Xenoblade Chronicles

pokemon banner 2 It’s always awesome to have that one american hero in a video game with that Clint Eastwood-like character that goes around delivering one-liners in a gruff and hard-boiled fashion. We won’t be discussing characters like that today in this segment however; we will be talking about the voice work of a game I’ve been recently wrapping my mind and hands around. A game that through their speech unleashes the power of the Monado. Still don’t know?  I’m talking about Xenoblade Chronicles.

This game took its sweet time making its way to the U.S. but we got it and now I can talk to you about some of the works I found pleasing in it. Among its beautiful settings and addicting game play, an aspect that shouldn’t go without mention is how wonderfully the English voices seem to tie everyone in. The main character, Shulk, lives in a large town called Colony 9. It’s inhabitants seem to speak in a cockney low-class form of English. As you begin to ascend and explore the heights of the Bionis you’ll soon realize that the higher born civilizations speak in a more posh manner.  I also found that Dunban, our team’s voice of reason, has a a gentle English accent that serves his wisdom well. As you fight along side your teammates and help others out through quests, the bond between you and your party members grows and provides more dialogue during battles and other interactions. One of my favorite character accents I love to imitate is that of Reyn’s. He has a very specific cockney accent and is close friends with the main character which lends to more script time for Reyn. His accent is the type that says “Bat-o” rather than “ Battle” and I enjoy listening to his pronunciations all throughout the game.  He could also be seen as the comic relief, but I’m not finished with the game though. I look forward to meeting others with the opportunity to study their mannerisms and unique expressions that make them who they are. xenoblade_chronicles_group_by_giovannimicarelli-d49ih7s